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Hellooooo  Humans my name is DUDLEY and here is my story! 


I was found by someone while I was running the mean streets trying to stay alive!

No one knows how I ended up there, but I did my best to not get hit by cars, ate what I could find (it wasn't much) and slept wherever I could find a spot away from humans. I was so very scared and looked like a bag of bones. My skin was covered in infections, I was in pretty bad shape!  A person tried to catch me a bunch of times and then one day she got lucky and managed to get me, at that point I was pretty much starving to death and had just given up all hope. I had no collar or tags, no chip and wasn't fixed so another kind person paid for all of that to be done, I was posted on Lost & Found sites, flyers were put up but sadly after a few months it was obvious that no one was looking for me and just dropped me off like a piece of trash.

Then to make it worse the person who grabbed me decided I was too much of a bother and was going to take me to a pound....RIGHT BEFORE XMAS. Thankfully someone else stepped up and made sure that didn't happen, I mean come on, haven't I been thru enough already??


I am around 2 years old, and ma a happy and silly guy! I am good with other dogs and have been to doggie daycare and get along with just about everyone! My only little quirk is that I do have a little separation anxiety when I get to a new place but once I am settled in I am all good!


Won't you give me a chance at the life that I deserve to have?


I am in the Southern CA area-sorry but local adoptions only I won't be sent out of state

Here's to 2019 being the year that I GET A LOVING HOME!!



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