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I once had a home but obviously not a very good one. 

You see my family lost thier home and instead of taking me with, or trying to find me help, they just moved and left me behind and didn't tell anyone.

So there I sat for who knows how long with no food or water all alone. 

I thought I would starve to death and die there.

But then a miracle happened-someone came in and found me! 

This KIND person called a friend who had her take me to a vet where I was checked out and fed and treated with LOVE and I was fed the best food ever!


The kind man is taking care of all of my needs until I can find a family of my own-one who will treat me with compassion and NEVER abandon me again.


I am a 9 month old small and petite girl-they call me a pocket pittie and I am great with other dogs and kids too and i would just so much love to be a part of your life. FOREVER.

Interested in a meet-n-greet or adopting? Please complete an adoption application.