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First I want to say....I AM JUST A BIG HEADED CHUNK O LOVE!

How did I end up here at Bullies And Buddies Rescue?

A not nice person got me as a puppy and left me to live in his dirt yard and treated me worse than the dirt back there, I mean he was a real jerk and hardly ever even fed me. Because we animals are considered property (wish you people would get that law changed!) the nice neighbor who saw this couldn't really do too much besides call animal control all of the time-but there wasn't much they could do since I had shelter and water.  He also let me and my brother run loose all of the time, I can't even tell you how many times we were almost hit by cars.


This went on for a few years and then one day the best thing happened if you can believe this, the jerk that owned us split up with his equally cruel wife and we were loose on the street AGAIN. This time tho, we were truly unwanted and we were officially surrendered and wow a miracle-WE WENT TO A RESCUE and not the pound! 

I am so happy now to feel LOVED and treated so kindly and I am THE BEST and MOST PERFECT dog ever! 

I am a big mushy 4 year old American Bulldog mix and I am just FABULOUS with everyone and dogs big and small! 

I have a big head and an even BIGGER heart and the most cute speckles of fur I know you won't be able to resist me.

I am a big boy at 90 pounds, great on a leash, I so love to go on walks and I have been professionally trained be the best Leroy @MissionUndergogGroup


Please fill out an application if you think you are my soul mate.

(I am in Southern CA area-sorry but my rescue does NOT adopt out of state)

Sponsor this rescue and help us save more dogs! 


Interested in a meet-n-greet or adopting? Please complete an adoption application.