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Mister Copper Bean here nice to meet ya!


My former human took me to the worst place on earth, its called The Pound, and it's not a very nice place to be!


That pound place is filled with dogs, LOTS of dogs, dogs barking non-stop because they are scared and I was one of them.


I'm not sure what I did to deserve to be put in a place like that and the other doggos who were there and are STILL there don't know either, I guess its just that there's a lot of humans who aren't very nice people.

But SOME of us get lucky - we sure do! Because there ARE some nice people who adopt and also nice people called RESCUERS and they come and try and get as many of us out as they can, so you see, yesterday me and a few friends won lotto cause we GOT OUT!


Enough about that scary place, now about ME!

I am around 2 years old and they think I am a Corgi/Beagle mix, I'm low to the ground and weigh around 18 pounds so I am the PERFECT size if I may say so! 

Many people came to see me that most awful place but for some odd reason I always got passed up but I just KNOW that there is a special and loving human who would love to have me!


I am great with kids and other dogs, you couldn't ask for more and well.... LOOK how cute I am!


If you think we are a match please fill out an application to ADOPT my cute self.


Love, Mister Copper Bean

I am in the Southern CA area-sorry but my rescue does NOT adopt out of state

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