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Hello Nice People my name is PANCAKES!

I just got sprung from the pound so the nice rescue people are still getting to know me but here's what they know so far.

I was dumped at the pound and I had pretty much lost all hope, but then...I got adopted yahoo!

Well my joy didn't last too long because these new people dumped me back because I had some seperation anxiety, I mean, I was really confused and didn't know what was going on and they gave me no time to settle in, I guess some humans think all of us dogs should come out of the pound perfect? I can tell you, these humans, were far from perfect but I won't judge (well maybe a little)

See when you get adopted and then dumped again, it doesn't look too good for us dogs, a lotta times its a DEATH sentence. I sat at that place for 6 MONTHS, in the cold, in the rain and I saw a lot of dogs come in, and not so many leave. I WAS TERRIFIED! But guess what?? This rescue saw me and fell in love and the sweet Lady came and got me out YAY! Yes I'll admit, I was freaked out and I did try to escape a few times, I had no idea that a fabulous new LIFE is ahead of me now.

I'm starting to settle in with thier equally fabulous trainer Leroy at Mission Underdog Group and learning that life will be GRAND!

I am around 6-7 years old, a Pitbull/SharPei mix with maybe a smidge of Lab mixed in, I am great with other dogs and kids too! I just need a human who will be kind, loving and patient and preferably someone who works from home or has someone home a lot so I don't feel abandoned again. 

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