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Hello Kind Humans my name is Dudley DooRite and I am just coming into this nice rescue RIGHT NOW!

I was with my family since I was a wee pup and I had such a super happy and most loving life!

Unfortunately my family fell on extremely hard times and had to move into a pretty small place but they took me along!
Well, the landlord said NO DOGS so they have been sneaking me in and out to walk me and well we got caught yikes!
The landlord has given my family only a few days to find me a spot otherwise they get evicted and I end up at the pound.

Their hearts are so broken to give me up but they know its best for ME and they are being very selfless!

They've been hit so hard with financial problems that they couldn't even afford to take me to the vet and I've got a terrible skin condition and need to see a vet ASAP!

This nice rescue is taking me in but they'd really appreciate a sponsor to help my doctor visit which will be around $500.00

If you can find it in your heart to help me out that would be super AMAZING!

I am a 4 year old 45 pound cute bully boy and I LOVE everyone and am great with dogs and kiddos too!

If you can help me out the paypal is bulliesandbuddies@gmail.com and venmo bulliesnbuddies

I can't wait to feel BETTER!

Thank YOU!

Love, Dudley DooRite

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