hi folks, Everett here. I am a little under a year old and probably gotten as "pandemic pup" and my awful former owners thought it was a good idea to dump me at the pound because they were tired of me.

Did you know that the pounds are now FULL with pets? Horrible people are dumping them in droves and even worse, setting dogs loose and also leaving them in back yards while other awful people are setting off fireworks and many like me are escaping and getting hit by cars!

I am very timid and head and hand shy ... I have a broken blood vessel in my eye so the rescue people think someone probably hit me in the face and that caused the injury.

I need a foster home or even better ADOPTERS who will know how to be gentle and compassionate with me until I get socialized and learn that not all humans will hurt me.

I am very SWEET and will warm up once I get to know you tho!

If you are interested fill out an application OK?

Our rescue also could use a helping paw to cover my vet bills ...anything amount is GREATLY appreciated:

paypal: bulliesandbuddies@gmail.com venmo: bulliesnbuddies

I am in the Southern CA area-sorry but our rescue does NOT adopt out of state