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Hello my name is ASTRA!

My life sure didn't start out too great, you see someone let my Mommy get pregnant and then decided they didn't want to deal with that so they dumped her at a pound that was already overflowing and euthanizing doggos to make space.  

They put her in a tiny shower stall because there wasn't anywhere else and that was where Mama Starlight gave birth to us. 

We all started to get really sick and weren't gonna make it out alive but...... THIS RESCUE CAME AND GOT US ALL! 

We went to the animal hospital so we could all be treated and are so very GRATEFUL to the rescue for SAVING our lives! 

I am a 6 week old female cute bully girl and I'm looking for a foster to adopt home (I can't officially be adopted until Mid July) 

You should see my pretty brindle coat and how cute I am! 

Like a typical puppy I like to sleep, eat, play, poop rinse and repeat ha! 

Do you think I can join your loving household?

If you think we are a good fit please fill out an application to ADOPT Me ok?

I am in the Southern CA area-sorry but my rescue does NOT adopt out of state

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