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Hello Everyone I am Little Elwood and I am looking for a HOME!

I am an approx 5 year old little loving and delicious bundle of scruffy terrier cuteness who found myself at that awful place called the pound!

What did I do to deserve to be there? ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING.

My former owners dropped me off like a bag of trash and walked away and never looked back. AWFUL PEOPLE.

I got a case of coughies but am almost better and will be fixed very soon because those people probably used me to breed-but that won't be happening anymore that's for sure!

I am good with other dogs and learning to live inside a house for probably the first time in my life and am pretty mellow and quiet-I am so THANKFUL this nice rescue SAVED my life!

I'm great on a leash and I just want to be by your side and lay my head on your leg and watch TV and do whatever it is that nice humans do.

I''m a little sprout who weighs around 7 pounds but need to gain a little weight-I hardly ate cause I was so scared in that loud and terrifying place, but once I got out I AM A TOTAL LOVE BUG with a great appetite!

If you want to ADOPT me please fill out an application.

I'm in the Southern CA area-sorry but my rescue does NOT adopt out of state

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