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Llyod and Harry

Llyod and Harry

Llyod and Harry

**Urgent Medical -- Donations Needed

Meet Lloyd and Harry, our 3-months old Maltese fluffy mixes we pulled from the shelter. And as it so happens in rescue, we are hit with another medical roadblock. Both of these sweet babies started having seizures. We took them to our vet who ran multiple tests… everything came back normal. We started them on seizure medication, which helped a little, but the seizures wouldn’t stop.

Today they had an appointment with a neurologist, who recommends an MRI, testing their spinal fluid and running more blood tests to figure out what causes these babies to have these seizures.

We need your help yet again.

We will start testing Lloyd first, as he is the one with the most frequent seizures.

Please help us do right by these sweet puppies. They are the most precious little guys and otherwise happy, playful, and in good spirits.

The estimate with the specialist is about $5000.

Please Donate🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Venmo: Bulliesnbuddies


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