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Soda Pop

Soda Pop

Soda Pop


Hi Hi hi Humans my name is SODA POP!

I once had a home, but not a very good one.

The humans used me to breed and then made money off of my puppies.

I ended up having a prolapsed vagina so what did they do? Take me to a vet? NOPE.

They decided to dump me at a pound that was already overflowing with too many animals and I would have sat in a cold cage in pain and then after a few days I'd probably not be on this earth anymore.

Somehow, boy did I get lucky because this rescue was there getting a few other dogs and when they saw my backside they were horrified and knew I would suffer and not make it out so they had my former human (and I use that term lightly) surrender me to them and they immediately rushed me to their vet.

I've had surgery and am allll better now and I'm ready to start my real life now!

I'm a short and petite female black and white little baby doll American Bully girl weighing in at 40 pounds.

I pretty much LOVE everyone and everything so if you think I'm cute and want to make me a part of your forever family please fill out an application to ADOPT me ok!

I am in the Southern CA area-sorry but my rescue does NOT adopt out of state

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