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HiYa my name is TOFU and I'm quite TERRIFIC!


I was gotten as a cute little puppy but then it was decided that I should live outside. Not even in a nice yard, but in a tiny little run. The person who got me spent no time with me either, he ended up going to live somewhere else and left me there, coming by once in awhile to throw me food. How kind of him! A neighbor saw this going on and asked why he left me out there, he said because I "didn't listen" Well maybe if this fool actually spent some TIME with me and actually tried to train me I'd know what he expected of me, we dogs are not psychics you know.


The neighbor just couldn't take it any more and offered this person $$ for me to get me out of the HELL I was living in. Some kind of angle must have been nearby because he agreed. BEST day of my LIFE!

I was handed over to this rescue who got me to a vet where they saw I had a really bad infection in both ears and I was not neutered (SHOCKER!) and covered in fleas. Oh yeah, covered in dirt too thanks to the person who "owned" me. 

Once I left the vet I went to go see a trainer so my new WONDERFUL and FABULOUS life can begin!


I am around 2 years old and I like other dogs and I just ADORE humans, even tho some in my past were not so nice to me.


I do have very handsome and unique markings if I may say so, you should see if I'm the one for YOU!

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