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Totally Terrific TWIX here!

I am a 10 week old pit bull possible mastiff mix whose life started in a homeless encampment where my Mommie was being used to breed babies so they could be sold... UGH!

A kind person saw us and was able to get some of us out and is making sure our Moms gets fixed cause, well, it's not like the world is NOT filled with tons of pit bulls you know. 

Many of us die in pounds, people PLEASE STOP BREEDING US OK??!!! 

This nice rescue took me in and promised to find me a perfect home where I will be loved and treated like a family member like ALL DOGS SHOULD BE TREATED. 

I am a typical puppy I like to eat, play, sleep, pee, poop, rinse and repeat. 

I am looking for a home that knows the bully breed so they will know how to raise me and train me so I stay in that home, cause honestly we pittie puppies are so CUTE many adopt us and then return us a year later cause they can't handle our energy or needs.

So if YOU think you have what it takes to be my parent please fill out an application.

I'll be ready to go into a home is a few weeks.

I am in the Southern CA area-sorry but my rescue does NOT adopt out of state!

Interested in a meet-n-greet or adopting? Please complete an adoption application.

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