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**Courtesy Post-Los Angeles/South Bay area**

If you think you can give me a safe and loving and calm home please email


Hi my name is WOODY! 

I am a 5 pound 7 year old Apple Head Chihuahua.

If I could talk oh what a tale of woe I have had!

I was gotten as a cute puppy and treated like a toy. But unlike toys I am a living and feeling being!

The people who got me didn't take very good care of me and passed me around like a hot potato.

I was just being given away and when things weren't working out I would be passed off again to someone else and this vicious cycle contined until the kindest Lady EVER saw me on Facebook being given away yet again and she took me in.

When I arrived at her Chihuahua PALACE I was very skinny, had the longest nails ever and was missing hair all over my little body.

No one ever bothered to fix me, get me any shots or to potty train me and oh boy did I have some rotten infected teeth too. 

I was so scared and confused that I bit this nice lady a few times when she tried to pick me up but now that I know that I am safe I am being a GOOD LITTLE PEANUT!

She took care of all of my health problems and I am now ready to find a home of my own!

I'm just a little dude and I am great with other dogs and I like adults but no kids for me, the humans think that small kids were to rough with me so a nice mature adult home is my dream right now.

If you think you can give me a safe and loving and calm home please email

Right now I am hanging out in the San Pedro CA area-and sorry no I won't be sent out of state

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