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A Note from our Founder - Jennifer Rosen

After my first Pit Bull, Lady, passed away, that love blossomed into a desire to help other bullies in need. It also inspired me to advocate for the breed and for responsible Pit Bull owners everywhere.


I am driven to bring awareness to the other side of the "Pit Bull" story - the one most people don't see on the news. I hope to get people to look deeper - beyond the "Pit Bull" hype - and see love in its truest form. 

  • My goal is to find a forever home for each and every dog I rescue within one year's time. 

  • My mission is to rescue and re-home homeless bullies with other responsible, loving people so they too can know the love of a bully.

We rely on fosters and donations to help cover the costs to vaccinate, spay/neuter, microchip, house, feed and train all of the dogs in our care.


When you adopt a dog from Bullies and Buddies, you can rest assured I will disclose any and all behavioral traits, both good and bad.  

I just want say how lucky I am that this guy came into my life when he did ❤️#whorescuedwho  Sumo is
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