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FOSTERING - What to Expect

Fosters are such an important part of the process. You will show them love, kindness and safety and teach them to trust again. We'll be available any time you have a question and of course we'll supply everything you'll need. 

What to expect:

  • PERFECT MATCH - First we'll get to know you and your household through the application process to help us find a good rescue who will fit into your daily life. Every rescue is different and we commit to ensuring you are both comfortable.

  • OTHER PETS - For some rescue dogs it's awesome for them to be fostered with other pets to help them socialize. Others might need solo time to recover. We know our rescues and we'll make sure to find a great fit! We'll start with a meet and greet to see how they do together and of course we'll provide guidance along the way.

  • SUPPLIES - We'll provide everything and anything the rescue dog will need including food, bowls, bed, leash, collar (of course!), toys ... whatever you need! We also have "adopt me" bandanas so when you are out for walks folks you meet will know that pup is looking for a forever home.

  • ADOPTION EVENTS - Typically on Saturdays we hold adoption events in Redondo Beach from noon-3pm. We love to have as many pups as possible to get them exposure. If possible, we ask our fosters to drop off around noon and pick up around 3pm. We can also arrange volunteer pickups if needed. And if you can't make it every Saturday that's ok. Again, we'll work with you.

  • KIDS - Kiddos can also help socialize rescue dogs. Again, it's just about finding a good fit for you and your situation and for the rescue. We have lots of rescues who are absolutely great with kids. Some are better off in homes with older kids.

  • PICS -  As a foster, you will have the opportunity to grab some awesome pictures and/or video of your rescue having a great time at your home. Not required at all, but we will happily receive any pictures/videos and post them on social to help find the rescue a new home.

  • POTTY TRAINING - Some rescues aren't used to being in a loving home so they might need potty training. We'll help! And provide potty-pads and other tips and tricks.

  • VACATION - Going on vacation? No problem, we have temporary fosters who can help while you are out of town. We'll work with you to find a plan!

Being a foster is so rewarding. You are saving a life by opening your home to a dog in need. Ready to join us?   Please complete the form below as the first step to becoming a foster. We look forward to hearing from you!

Still have questions? Email us at with "foster" in the subject line.

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