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Rest Peacefully, Electra



Her story is captured below. Many dogs like Electra are suffering right now - please be their voice. If you SEE something SAY something Do something.

**UPDATE JUNE 12** One of the hardest days in Rescue💔 We got a phone call early this morning that Electra was not doing well and that she had taken a turn for the worst. We Rushed down to see her and speak with the doctors. To see what our options were.


It was clear that she was tired and her body had endured so much suffering before😭😢 that her body started to go septic again. we talked about doing another surgery but her body was too weak and her blood pressure was too low💔 that she potentially wouldn’t even survive the surgery.


As much as this hurts the right thing to do was to let her go surrounded by love💔♥️


We have no words other than this.

A Big Thank You to every single one of you for the outpouring support🙏 including the doctors who Took the best care of our precious girl 💕❤️💜


Good Night Electra You are SO loved Beyond words.. We will miss your sweet kisses 😢💔and your magical presence .. You are one hell of a warrior💪⚡️

Fly High With the Angels 🌈💕Until we meet again🌈



**UPDATE JUNE 6: Update on our sweet Electra💕🙏 Just got off the phone with the surgeon Electra made it through a very complicated surgery ..Dr.said there was a rope/bone and some thing all wrapped up in the intestines 😢that had been there for a long time.. she was going septic it is a miracle that she survived this long and her uterus was black😭Something she hadn’t seen before. So they spayed her and sent out for culture. She will need plasma transfusions to help with recovery. Our baby made it through this part she’s not out of the woods yet. The next 5 days are crucial. Keep Praying and sending donations 🙏💜💖


# # #


(Save Date June 3 2022) Meet Electra...


Even with countless years of rescue this is the absolute WORST CASE OF ABUSE, neglect and starvation we have ever seen. She is literally a bag of bones. She came in as a stray to the pound with a huge random incision on her abdomen.


She's going to need ALL OF US to rally around her, pray for her and support her. We will not give up on her. She deserves nothing but love and affection moving forward.


We have named her Electra.

To help us save more extremely abused and neglected dogs like Electra please DONATE HERE

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