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A "Herculean" story
(that will make you smile)

On May 3 2015 a kind person heard a dog screaming in pain. They ran out to see this poor dog stumbling into traffic on PCH. They were able to get him on the sidewalk, and noticed his front paws buckling forward and his jaw was bleeding. They reached out to us and we rushed him to the vet … He had severe trauma to his neck and jaw... it seems as if he was beaten nearly to death.

He only had a 1% survival rate. We named him Hercules and we stood by his side, gave him love and he received the BEST medical care thanks to so many amazing supporters who donated to help us SAVE HERCULES


And now today, Hercules is living his BEST LIFE and is SO LOVED. The note below is from his mom (along with some great pics!) It brought me tears of joy … and is such a great reminder of why we do what we do. We wish you all the very best in 2021 and THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for being part of our Bullies and Buddies family


#strongertogether #savinglives #betheirvoice #hercules


~Jennifer Rosen, Bullies and Buddies Founder



Hercules. Herc, Hercy, my bubba, das “turkey”!
To sit down and write about what he means to me is daunting, I could author a book about what he is in my life. He’s my whole world. He’s my best friend, my companion, my cuddle bug, my son who throws fits if he doesn’t get his walk when he deems its time. The gnat that weaves between my legs and begs for broccoli and kale when I’m cooking.
I love him with my whole heart, even when he drives me crazy.
Never have I appreciated Hercules’ presence more than in this past year. While staying safely at home and distancing from others, there are many days that he is the only living thing I see. He’s who I talk to. Who I lovingly “burrito” in a blanket multiple times a day. The reason to go outside and breathe fresh air.
I fostered Herc as a suggestion from my sister Yasamin, who is no stranger to fostering. I wanted a bully breed, but didn’t know if I would be equipped for it given that I had ZERO experience. I was still living at home at the time, and my parents were gracious enough to allow it. Truth be told, he did scare my dad a bit.
He promptly stole all of our hearts. My mom now calls him her “little boy” and my dad calls him his “mother effin’ G” and proudly takes him to jazz concerts.
When the prospect of meeting a family came up, I knew I couldn’t allow that to happen because he was already apart of mine. I am happy to say that Herc was a foster fail.
Hercules had been through so much before I even knew him, but honestly I can’t tell. He shows no signs of trauma, no aggressiveness at all. Perhaps the only thing he took from his experience is the desire to be loved. My goodness, this big guy is a cuddler. Any friend that comes through the house is greeted excitedly and promptly sat on.
He’s been with me when I bought my first house (big backyard was a must), through job changes, huge heartbreaks, and everything in between. He’s my centerpiece and my anchor. When I’m sad, I can never fully cave because he’s here reminding me that I need to get it together and go for a walk.
Herc's the reason my boyfriend Shane came over to my house for the first time. He wanted to meet the dog I constantly talk about. I’ve always said that I could never be with someone who only tolerated Herc, they had to love him just as I do. Well, I got more than I asked for, these two have a bond of their own. I don’t know who my boyfriend loves more, me or Turkey (a permanent nickname for Herc that was a result of autocorrect).
I have come home to find them fast asleep cuddling on the couch. And if I came to bed late, Herc would be in my spot snoozing loudly nestled up to Shane. It just melts my heart. We are equally obsessed with this perfectly imperfect little beast. We can talk on end about his dainty paws, the way his foot “dunks” out when he’s resting, and overall how perfect he is.
Herc is the gift that keeps on giving. Every day I swear I love him more and have the urge to hug him and tell him as much. He’s a walking heart, wanting only to be near those he loves.
I remember telling Jen that I couldn’t believe that he hadn’t been adopted, much less fostered, for an entire year before I met him. Without missing a beat she explained that it was “because he was meant for you.” He is. And I’m so grateful it lined up as it did, and also sad that he had to wait a whole year for me.
Im so proud of Hercules. I’m so proud to be his mom. He is a warrior who has been through abuse, a broken neck and 1% chance of survival, a malignant tumor, and kidney disease. And he’s fought through it all. I owe it to him to give him the life that he deserves, and I regard that

 duty seriously. I’ve been blessed with the best partner in crime, and blessed that he waited for me and chose me.
Thank you Bullies and Buddies. You are the reason I have all of this in my life. I am endlessly grateful for what you’ve done for Herc and so many other dogs that deserve to spread their sunshine with the world. Thank you for doing the hard work and being driven by your passion and love. Thank you for seeing the fight in these dogs that nobody else does.
A dog’s love is unconditional, with the simple ask that you love them in return. It’s so simple, and yet so profound. We may not deserve them, but nevertheless there are so many turkeys waiting for a human to love.

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