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Nice to meet you, Mimi here!


My life didn't start out too good!


I was turned into the pound as a stray and I was literally almost starved to DEATH!

I mean I was so emaciated that I literally was just fur on bones and had a hard time walking.

Also I was used as a puppy breeding machine, my poor nipples had scars on them and I also have a mammary tumor that I'm having surgery for because I was bred so many times-some people sure are SICK!


A volunteer got me out of the pound right away because I was in such bad shape the kind humans here wasn't sure if I could survive.


I went to a vet right away and they said I needed to be fattened up before I could be spayed and have this lump removed-special THANK YOU to all of the nice humans who donated so I can get fixed and have surgery you are all ANGELS!


I have been getting lots of good food and love and have gained weight-just need to gain another 2 or more pounds, people, I weighed less than 5 pounds when I should have weighed probably DOUBLE that!


I am really good with other dogs and a very mellow girl, I tend to chill and sleep all day and I LOVE to sunbathe!


I am working on my potty skills please understand that I most likely lived in a cage outside and relieved myself there cause (I know its gross) my tail and back end were so soaked and stained with pee that even after many baths there's still a slight stain on it but it shall soon be gone-just like my crappy former life!


I'm an 8 year old Chihuahua with beautiful white and pumpkin colored spots and would love to join a special human or family that will always love me, keep me safe and CHERISH me forever. I love kids but because I was never an inside dog so I tend to run for the front door so an adult home would be great so no one accidentally leaves a door open because I will run like the wind lol. 


if you think I'm the one for you please fill out an application to ADOPT me ok?

Love, Mimi 


I am in the Southern CA area-sorry but my rescue does NOT adopt out of state 

Interested in a meet-n-greet or adopting? Please complete an adoption application.

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