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Hi everyone, My name is Rosebud but my friends call me "Rosie" ...

Obviously I'm a cute little Chihuahua Dachshund mix with the best freckle face and spots. I'm just a pup about 10 months old and only 12 lbs. 

How did I get here? ....I was running the streets lost and scared and then a nice person took me in and gave me food and a safe place to stay but they couldn't adopt me permanently. This nice rescue found out about me and thankfully took me in to help me find my forever humans... So here I am! 

I'm settling into my foster home. My new foster mom takes me on lots of walks and I totally love it. I'm a great lil walker and I enjoy meeting other dogs.. big and small. I am potty trained and I've learned to go to the back door to let my foster mom know when I gotta go cause I am a pretty smart cookie.

I'm hoping that whoever adopts me gives really good belly rubs because that's one of my favorite things Sometimes I fall asleep when my tummy is being rubbed. It's the best! And I also love to snuggle up to your shoulder at night and sleep right next to you. It makes me feel safe and I sleep throughout the night. And don't worry, I don't snore hehe 

Sometimes I get the zoomies and I love playing with toys. My foster home has two kitties and I've claimed most of their toys as my own hehe... oh and I kind of know fetch so maybe we can play together?? 

Overall, I'm a pretty cool pup looking for some pretty cool people to adopt me. If you want to meet me, please fill out an adoption application so we can schedule a meet and greet. I can't wait to meet you!!! XO ~Rosie

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