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**Courtesy Post** Los Angeles Area

Hello Kind Humans Theodore here, you can call me Theo for short!
I am yet another adult blue pitbull who is looking for a HOME.

I know, there's many of us, sure wish people would stop breeding us because LOTS of us are not making it out of the pounds alive-sorry but that's the cold hard TRUTH!
I ended up at a very full pound, no one really knows how, maybe my owners had some lame excuse like moving, a divorce or what have you, maybe I was just set loose on the streets cause that happens a lot too, these super nice humans sure wish we doggos could talk to them!

I was at that scary place for NINE WHOLE MONTHS! and then..... my time was UP!
I got put on that dreaded RED list (a nice way of saying the kill list) and I was about to leave the back door in a black plastic bag but......... I got LUCKY!

A super nice human stepped up to foster me ...YES! I have lived with this nice human and his roommate and another dog for 6 months so I am good with other dogs!

The sad thing is this nice persons landlord says I have to be GONE before the end of the year so I'm hoping that SOMEONE wants to ADOPT me otherwise I have to go back to that terrible pound place!

I am around 3 years old, 70 pounds of UTTER LOVE and I will do ANYTHING for treats! I also just like to be next to a human, no better Co-Pilot Of Life can be asked for than me!

I would reallllly love a nice yard to be able to play in and another doggo friend around my size would be a dream for me. And because I'm a big boy so a home with no kids cause I wouldn't want to accidentally knock a small human over.

Oh yeah, I like to sleep in the humans bed too, hope that doesn't bother you but hey, if on my own bed it is then so be it, I will not complain as long as you are kind and I don't have to go back to the pound.

If you think that I am a good match for you please contact my guardian angel Mike at and let's meet OK?

I am in the Southern CA area-sorry but I can't be sent out of state.

If ya can't adopt me or even foster me, you can help me by SHARING this, TAGGING friends, putting me on your NEXTDOOR app and INSTAGRAM and I thank YOU for reading this!


Interested in a meet-n-greet or adopting? Please complete an adoption application.

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