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Barkley would like to say "hello!"

Hi I'm Barkley! I am a 5 year old pom/chi! I was adopted as a puppy but due to special circumstances back to the rescue I must come! You see I have become a bit protective of my owner and since they have 2 other dogs who are now seniors it is just not a good situation for me as I can be quite naughty at times-who can blame me...LOOK HOW UTTERLY CUTE I AM!

So here I am, on the market looking for love again and this time I need a home with one or two adults (no kids) and preferably no other dogs. But I tell you, I am VERY loyal and will be your most bestie friend and would love nothing more than to sit in your lap! and oh, I LOVE to go car on rides and to go on strolls around the neighborhood.

I do also right now need a FOSTER home so if you can help out please CLICK HERE to learn more.

I am in the Southern CA area and sorry but my rescue does NOT ship or adopt dogs out of state. Thank you kindly Humans!

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