"Adopt me?" - Cade

Cade here nice to meet you!

I just wanted you to know that my life has not been too great in the past but I am HOPING that you kind people will help change that because I recently saw a new trainer and HOPE is something that I now believe in!

I was once owned by not very nice people and they dumped me at a kill pound in Los Angeles. While I was at the pound a nasty gang-member broke into my kennel and beat me with a chain so for a long time I was terrified of any sound of metal and of most people (can you blame me?)

A rescue got me out of the pound and many people offered to help me and made a lot of empty promises. A few trainers even said I was dog aggressive and had to be the only dog BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE! I have been assessed by the absolute best trainer in LA and yes I can go live with other dogs yay! I also ADORE KIDS!

This new trainer has also offered to do an intro for anyone who is approved to adopt or foster me-he is an angel I tell you!

I have now lived in boarding for OVER 4 YEARS GOING ON 5 and I so long and dream and wish and HOPE to go live in a HOME!

I am now 7 years old and am fixed, microchipped up to date on shots so I am SO READY TO BE ADOPTED!

If you are in the Southern CA area please send an email to my rescuer sativa90501@yahoo.com and she also will consider Northern CA and surrounding areas too if she thinks you are a good match for me!

So I am pretty much a great all around dog-but I must admit that I will chase cats and maybe small dogs so to keep everyone safe I won't be put into a home with them - sorry littles!


PS -

you can fill out an application too at www.bulliesandbuddies.com since they are courtesy listing me and they will make sure your app gets to my guardian angel/rescuer!!

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