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(Please Donate) Henry needs our help!!! **URGENT**

Unfortunately this tiny happy-go-lucky little guy we pulled from Harbor Shelter is now in critical condition.... A fluke fall from a few steps in his foster home, followed by a scary seizure, caused us to rush Henry to the ER about a week ago. We did not spare any expense to find out what had just happened. After a physical exam, blood work, and x-rays, the vets suspect that he might have some instability in his cervical spine (neck area). We cannot be sure if this was caused by the fall, or if this is from an old injury. However, this also means that any “wrong” movement could potentially cause him to become paralyzed.

We are very sad to report.... yesterday he had another short seizure. In order to diagnose him properly, the vets recommend a CT. We want to do whatever is necessary to get this little guy better. We want to find out what causes the seizures, and if they are related to his spinal injury. In order to do that, we need your help. The current balance between the earlier ER visit and the CT scan is $2000+ Please (please) consider making a tax deductible donation to help cover Henry’s care. We really appreciate any amount you can afford. Thank you so much!!!

Donations can be made here Or directly with: PayPal: Venmo: @bulliesnbuddies

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