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Truffles is amazing...

Hi my name is TRUFFLES!

Like many doggies in Rescue I found myself at a kill pound because my owner was super irresponsible and decided they didn't want me any more so they dropped me off at THE WORST PLACE ON EARTH.

I sat in a kennel so scared and slept on cold hard concrete while I watched many like me come in-but not a lot of people came in to adopt and the pound was full so a volunteer called this amazing rescue and asked to PLEASE come and bail me out and it was the BEST day EVER!

I am around 2 years, I like other dogs and kids, I'm crate trained and smart and playful and I'm what they call a pocket pitiie-I'm SWEET and PETITE!

If you think that you are the person for me please complete an adoption application. XO

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