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Run in Paradise, our sweet angel dog...

A beautiful tribute to Thelma from her family❣️She left us yesterday....

A little about Thelma as I lay awake missing her:

We got her a few years ago from Bullies and Buddies after she was found on the streets of Lomita. She was chipped and the owners were called. They told BnB to go ahead and put her to sleep, they didn't want her. I guess dogs are disposable?

We saw the adoptions going on and decided to drop in. We were just beginning our blended family and my soon to be husband felt like our son with Aspergers Syndrome should have the dog he always wanted and we knew It had to be a rescue. We saw Thelma (at that time named Gemma) and talked to her current foster. Thelma went right up to Jake and there it was...a smile. Something our 15 year old didn't do much of.

We Fostered Thelma at first, to see if we were a good match for her. The deciding factor was my final word. It was a definite Foster fail. We knew she had some heart issues and that we had to watch her in the heat and if she ran too much. Later, we found out she had developed allergies to EVERYTHING! Chicken, peas, carrots, white potatoes. Everything in dog food. She was an escape artist trying to find us when we left for work/school.

She was a challenge, but like any living thing-you go with the flow and find a way.

She was our daughter, our son's best friend, and our family member. When most people would put her down, we rallied and made sure our agreement with her was met: she take care of my kids and keep them safe, I'll take care of her until her last breath.

Our human daughter came in 2014, 2 years after we got Thelma. Thelma was immediately protective of her, and as Penny got older, very patient. There are those occasions you can't catch a toddler pulling a tail, ear or snout quickly enough. Thelma never growled, snapped or acted out. She knew we would take care of it timely and waited patiently for us to handle it. Again, our agreement.

She got grey quickly, and we began to see her having trouble getting out of bed in the morning, increasing to all day. Then the seizure happened, and fluids collected on her belly. We had already been to the vet earlier this year and she had mentioned we should begin to prepare our son. So when the vet told us she felt Thelma had to be put down, we rested our trust in her. We all held her, and were there for her and sent her to the Universe with love surrounding her. This dog, who could've been thrown away years earlier, made our house a home, and brought our son from emotional and mental isolation out into the world.

Our neighbors came to know Thelma and her gentle nature. Many changed their views on pit bulls after meeting her and seeing how she was with our kids. Although we were supposed to be rescuing Thelma, she rescued us. She was the 5th family member, big sister to Penny, little sister to Jake, and our first baby girl.

I've said so much, but this can't embrace how thankful, grateful and in debt we are to Bullies and Buddies for rescuing her off the streets and making her available to us, and saving our son from depression and the social obstacles of Asperger Syndrome.

Run in Paradise, our sweet angel dog...take a piece of our hearts with you.

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