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What Every Dog Owner Should Know

We were recently featured in The Beach Reporter to tell the Pit bull side of a sad story (read the article)

This unfortunate situation could have been avoided with more structure and care from the dog’s owners.

Certain breeds require more responsibility from the owners. Pit bulls are one of these breeds. These dogs are so incredibly amazing but they need structure, correction and lots of love.

Here are a few tips every dog owner should know and follow. Please share this blog, share this info verbally and continue to help us be a voice for the breed.

Tips for all dog owners:

  • Make sure your dog has a collar and tag on at all times

  • Spay and neuter.. that's why so many unwanted litters end up at the shelters

  • Do your research about what breed will fit your lifestyle

If you own a bully breed

  • Make sure you have proper fencing – and do not leave a dog in the yard unsupervised

  • No squeaky toys. They teach them to kill things and bring out prey-drive. They can't differentiate a small animal to a toy that squeaks

  • Exercise and mental stimulation is a must

  • Structure and boundaries are very important

  • If you are introducing two dogs, NEVER just let them loose in a yard for the initial meeting – we hear so many horror stories about people who didn’t know better and one of them becomes seriously injured. Be especially careful if they are from a shelter and their history is unknown.

  • Never let dogs of any breed meet face-to-face. Always take them on a walk and let them sniff rears and watch their body language. Consult a professional dog trainer for help if you are uncomfortable.

  • Bully breeds like to work so chaining them or keeping them in a yard 24/7 fuels bad behavior – this is true for any dog for that matter but especially the bully breeds. They want to be with their people and be loved

Recommended bully trainer: Mission Underdog Group

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