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Hi friends! I'm Kaya

Hi my name is KAYA!

I was dumped at a kill pound as a teeny tiny baby by a not so very nice person because I was very sick and needed liver shunt surgery-do people really think that the pounds that are already overflowing with animals treat us? NOPE. We usually get killed!

Thanks to super compassionate volunteers I was networked until a rescue agreed to SAVE MY LIFE. I had a long road ahead of me with many vet visits and saw many specialists and had many scary tests done but the rescue took such good care of me until I was healthy enough to have the surgery I needed.

Special THANK YOU to all of you amazingly KIND humans who donated because it did cost a lot but you see it was worth every cent because now I am a super happy and spunky girl who is looking for that special someone to love and cherish me.

I am now 10 months old and a small Chi mix and I have a lot of energy so a home with no small kids would be perfect for me. I love other dogs and am potty and crate trained and I would LOVE LOVE to find my kind and loving human soul mate.

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