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Hi it’s me, JOE!!


And I don't want to be back and I am so super sad all over again. I got adopted almost a year ago, it was a great fit and home for me. But then something happened and I'm just gonna be honest here. My adopter was taking me out for a walk and didn't put my leash on right, so when the door opened I saw a little dog run by and my instincts kicked in and I chased him-I couldn't help it, I was not gonna hurt him, I just wanted to PLAY! My adopter called me and I of course ran back to the house, but the other dog came after me and attacked me so we got into a little scuffle. The other dog is OK (thankfully) but my adopter decided I was too much of a liability and didn't want me anymore. I had to go to Leroy's since the rescue had nowhere for me to go, and even tho I just LOVE him, I have been really REALLY depressed even with Jen coming to see me and walk me every single day, many days I don't even want to lift my head up and I know she cries when she leaves. I was with the rescue for over 2 1/2 years before and I thought I found my dream and forever home and before that I was at the pound for almost a year and BEFORE THAT I lived outside in a yard laying on concrete ignored and neglected by my so called family because I got TOO BIG. Can I get a break here already or what?? 

Now I'm around 8-9 years old and I've been thru SO MUCH I am praying every second that my FOR REAL AND FOREVER HUMAN IS OUT THERE! 

I am a beautiful American Bulldog mix, I am house and crate trained and I'd prefer to be the only pooch in the house but I might be able to be with another large submissive dog ( we can try right?) and sorry, no small dogs or cats for me, as you know I like to chase them. I am in the Southern CA area and sorry but my rescue does NOT adopt out of state. Please go and fill out an application at and please MAKE MY WISH FOR A HOME COME TRUE OK? With Love, Joe #adoptme #loveme #americanbulldogsofinstagram #dontbullymybreed #joe #missionunderdoggroup 

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