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Holy Cuteness!! It's Pumpkin!🎃

Hi my name is Pumpkin Pie and I am so sweet and yummy you will want me to join your loving family! ​ A very HORRIBLE person tied me and 5 other dogs to the fence of the scary pound in the middle of the night. They didn't even have the decency to bring us all in while the pound was open, we spent HOURS tied up freaking out and when the first pound worker arrived in the morning we were all tangled up and terrified and they said it was a miracle that a coyote didn't get us, we didn't get loose and hit by cars or even worse taken by someone to be used for bait or who knows what else! We were brought inside and the volunteers frantically called rescues to come and get us out cause that place is already FILLED with too many animals. My new life has started tho and I am in a very SAFE place for now! ! I am a diminutive 1 year old DARLING of 5 pounds and can be a little shy at first (do you blame me??) and once i get to know you I just want to snuggle on your lap and receive the kind of LOVE I was never given. I am a long haired chihuahua mix and I just KNOW once you meet me you will fall madly in LOVE. If you think you are the one for me please fill out an application! 

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