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$5 Friday 4 Popcorn!! 🐾

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Happy Friday folks! I was dumped at a super high kill pound already bursting at the seams with dogs and a lot of them were way younger than me so I didn't have much of a chance to get out. I was one of the lucky ones saved by Bullies and Buddies! I am happy and safe now but .... I have been having eye problems, so they took me to an ophthalmologist and found out that I need surgery to remove my bad eye... IT HURTS :( And it's not a great time for this rescue to be hit with such an expense but I learned that good rescues make things happen for us dogs in need. My surgery and vet and hospital bills are going to cost about $2000.00 and they and I sure could use YOUR HELP! Can we all donate just $5 today to help Jennifer and the crew get me the surgery I need? Please!! 

Donate here: Thank you KIND HUMANS and may your universe be filled with LOVE and GOOD things! With lots of love ~ Popcorn ❤️ 

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