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Bonded Pups Urgently Need New Home (owner died)

**URGENT** Friends, we need help!! Please (please) SHARE this post to save these two sweet pups. If you can help in any way please call Kim (310-529-0011) ASAP -- they don't have much time. Their OWNER DIED and now these two sweet girls are in danger of being dumped at the pound...and we all unfortunately know what happens there...😢 It was an unexpected death... Family can’t/won’t keep them for much longer. A friend of the family is desperately trying to find them a new home. (They are currently in Temecula) Daisy and Queenie are a bonded pair. They are spayed, chipped. 6 yrs old, 15-20 pounds, housetrained, love kids and other dogs. They spend most of their time hanging out inside the house, playing and taking naps. They are happy, sweet, and loveable, they LOVE and NEED each other! Please help me network. They will end up at the pound and separated. We can’t let that happen!! If you can help please reach out to Kim (310) 529-0011 THANK YOU!!!!! **PLEASE SHARE** 

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