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We Love Leroy @ Mission Underdog

We can't say enough great things about Leroy and this team at Mission Underdog Group (MUG). They have helped us save so many dogs.

Born and raised in Jamaica, Leroy was surrounded by animals from the very beginning. His backyard landscape was an endless sprawl of lakes and land. The concept of buying produce and meat from a grocery store was foreign, as stepping outside to gather the family’s supply of eggs and vegetables was a daily task. From a very young age, he knew his life would be fueled by a desire to better the lives of animals of all kinds, and it was without a doubt a path he would spend his life pursuing.

At the age of ten, he moved to the industrious city of Los Angeles, CA. Long gone was the backyard of sheep, birds, cows and dogs he considered his friends back in Jamaica. With a hunger for knowledge, he did everything within his power to continue the study of animal behavior. From collecting magazines dedicated to pigeons, flock, feline and canine, to volunteering at local animal shelters, Leroy was constantly in pursuit of refining his understanding of the animal kingdom.

Following high school, he began work at Petco, becoming a licensed specialist in any academia possible – including reptiles and birds. To follow, he began working with local shelters and dog rehab facilities, refining and building a philosophy that would go on to fuel his future. With the Mission Underdog Group, Leroy hopes to share this knowledge, specifically surrounding dogs, with people that need help providing the best possible life for their animals.

Learn more about Mission Underdog and their services:

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