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Kaya Needs Our Help

We are very sad to announce that we just rushed tiny Kaya to the emergency vet this weekend. ​

She recently had one of the worst seizures we've seen! We rushed her to the vet and within minutes she was in the care of professionals who informed us that without surgery she wouldn't make it. ​

The surgery is risky but she can live a happy and full life if she pulls through so we want to give her that chance. The vet kindly gave us a discount but we still need to come up with $6,000 to cover the bill.

This little girl has the will to live but she needs our help. She is stable now which is great - she needs to be stable before they can preform the surgery.

Please keep her in your thoughts. And please, please please donate if you can to help us save her. Every penny counts. We couldn't do this without you. Donations can be made via our web site and are tax deductible ❤️

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