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Fostering LaLa - My First Foster...

(a note from one of our amazing fosters)

I’ve had cats my whole life, all from the pound or rescued from the great outdoors by a friend or neighbor…And then a friend of mine introduced me to his bulldog/pit mix and pit mix foster.

The foster was trained at Mission Underdog Group (M.U.G.) and soon I got to meet Leroy Singh, expert dog trainer and founder of M.U.G. A whole new world opened up, and I wanted to get involved.

And then it happened…

I saw beautiful, sweet, LaLa. Her HUGE smile called to me, and I had to meet her. I contacted Jen, whose passion for pitties and other dog buddies grew to form Bullies and Buddies Rescue. I stopped by to meet LaLa and soon went up to M.U.G. to pick her up and get some training for ME so I knew how to walk, correct, crate, and maintain a structure for this amazing dog. LaLa was the rock star of that session. I on the other hand, had everyone, including myself, laughing at my spazziness. Ok, it was only on the first attempt at being firm and saying “back.” LaLa just looked at me, as if to say “That was really weak, lady!”


Becoming a foster has changed my life in the best of ways and has been incredibly rewarding. I have such gratitude for Jen’s faith in me to become a first-time-foster. I know LaLa has benefited too, although I’m certain I got the better end of the deal. We’ve both healed and learned so much from each other. I’m a Taurus and I’m sure she’s either the same or an Aries. She can be stubborn but I’m moreso; it usually boils down to my motivation to physically move her 68-pound carcass.

As a foster, you get to have a best friend who shows you love and kindness in return for giving them a home, love, pets, scratches, belly rubs, walks, food and warmth.

You save them and they save you. You risk NOTHING.

My Foster Bestie

LaLa is a very loving and deserving dog. Perfect on leash, corrects easily. She’s a total cuddle bug, and LOVES morning belly rubs…ok, she LOVES them ANYtime! She has THE world’s biggest doggy smile and a full body wiggle butt. She loves to play chase and get silly, and makes little puppy sounds when dreaming.

Becoming a foster was the best decision ever! So if you’ve never fostered, GO FOR IT!

CLICK HERE to learn more about becoming a Bullies and Buddies foster.

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